Relocation of Carousel Conveyor

Duration: 2 Weeks to Complete


Arrived onsite to assess the job requirements. From there we consult with customer to find out best time for site availability. Then proceed to get a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) together for the WHS requirements. Go to site to dismantle the system, ready for relocation.

Once dismantled, coordinate and execute all logitical operations (load, transport, unload). Organise new SMWS at the new site, ready for re-installation. Barricade the new site, remove the old equipment and prepare the area for carousel conveyor installation.

Assemble and install the system. Ensure all mechanical and electrical modules are functioning correctly. Commission the system and hand over to the customer. Monitor the system through a full work cycle before leaving the site.

Parcel Freight System

  • Carousel Conveyor

Client Requirements

  • Strict deadline to dismantle
  • Strict deadline to install
  • SWMS & WHS
  • System commissioned to customer’s Standards

Services Provided

  • Dismantle carousel conveyor system
  • Logistics to relocate the carousel conveyor system
  • Installation of carousel conveyor system at new site
  • Commission of the system to customer
  • Service agreement with the customer
  • Breakdown service maintenance program


Completed the project on time within tight deadlines. Everything working perfectly and the customer is extremely happy, providing us with excellent feedback.

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