Installation, Service & Sale of Parcel Freight and 3rd Party Warehousing Conveyor Systems

Parcel Freight Conveyor Systems

Mulley Engineering provides parcel sorting and processing solutions for both regional and global parcel logistics providers, with solutions catered to low, medium and high volume parcel processing operations.

Every solution is engineered to the specific requirements of each parcel freight company, which includes consulting with the responsible project managers and carefully analysing each site to give our best recommendations and solutions for all inbound, weighing, scanning, consolidation, sorting and truck loading operation. Mulley Engineering installs and services conveyor systems for all cartons, cases, trays, totes, bags and envelopes.

ROI is achieved by maximising the efficiency of your operations; by implementing the appropriate type of system to your exact required specifications. Scheduled maintenance and on-call servicing is available to keep your coneyor systems running at optimal performance.

3rd Party Warehousing Conveyor Systems

Third Party Warehousing and Logistics is growing rapidy in Australia due to a number of factors, including the increase in e-commerce retail and the cost advantages of using a third party warehouse service. 3PW providers need efficient and cost-effective conveyor systems in place to deliver the highest level of service to their customers and to maintain an advantage against their competitors.

Whether you’re starting out a new warehouse, updating and improving your current systems or expanding your warehouse operations – you always need experty quality advice and service that you can rely on and trust.

Mulley Engineering is the trusted partner of many reputable 3PW companies, ensuring that the correct conveyor systems are installed, and systems are maintained properly. Each project is carefully planned to ensure on time delivery within the agreed budget.

Mulley Engineering will optimise your receiving, storage, replenishment, order picking and packing, kit assembly, materials delivery and truck loading. You will receive the right advice on which conveyor system solution is most suitable according to your industry and your load types.

Flexible, Modular, Scalable

All of the conveyor systems that we build are flexible and customised to fit your particular needs, modular with the ability to add, reconfigure or remove certain components and scalable to grow with your operation. Flexible maintenance and on-call services are available.

Complete Solutions for Conveyor Systems



Get the right advice for all new systems, improvements, additions, updates and innovations on current conveyor systems.


All types of conveyor system installations, using your  existing equipment or we can recommend and supply a turnkey solution.


System Support

For all mechanical servicing, troubleshooting and technical issues. Mulley provides on-call servicing of your conveyor systems.


To maximise the ROI on your systems, they need to operate at their best. Discuss a scheduled maintenance plan with Mulley.